Very Important Rules and Punishments:

DON'T spam the chats.
*** 1 WEEK CHAT BAN ***

DON'T exploit any bug or whatever else that can help you to grow faster.

DON'T bring injuries to players.
*** 1 month CHAT BAN and 1 DAY ACCOUNT BAN ***

We want a fair play game from all of you.

About Server

The server is hosted in Germany.
The admins will not discriminate any kind of nation,religion or whatever else.

All incomings from donators and buyers will be invested in server developments and fees paying.

Curently Server:
-Procesor: ***AMD Athlon 64 4,2 Ghz Dual Core***
-Memory: ***8 GB RAM***
-Internet: ***100mb/s Optical Fiber*** (Hight Quality Internet)

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